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cat just jumped around chasing (visibly) nothing which means at least one of the two itty-bitty mosquitoes IS STILL ALIVE

i woke up this morning with a little, like, mite-bite on the outer rim of both eyes !!! they have not stopped itching ALL DAY 

the worst part is that that means those fuckers WERE CRAWLING AROUND MY EYES WHILE I WAS ASLEEP

bobatao said: 

Fingers crossed that it gets colder for a couple of days at least


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100 day song challenge: 37) a song with more than 5 words in the title

New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down - LCD Soundsystem

Like a death of the heart
Jesus, where do I start?
But you’re still the one pool
Where I’d happily drown

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“Here now”

Baby deer.


Baby deer.

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